About Us

about-cccfWho Are We?

We are an active Cycling Club based in Columbia, TN. We have regular group rides every week. The club maintains an outstanding mountain bike track at Chickasaw Trace Park. We also host several large races and events throughout the year – you can find more info about our events or read more about the club below.

Group Rides

We believe that riding in groups is safer and more fun than riding alone. Vehicle drivers have more respect for multiple bicyclists than single cyclists. Drafting allows riders of varying abilities to stay together. We have a rule that we do not to leave anyone behind. We maintain regularly scheduled weekly rides. Supplemental insurance accompanies members who participate in group rides.

Races and Tour

We conduct three races and a “tour” to encourage the community to exercise with a goal. We draw on volunteers to help with this mission and hope that you will give a little of yourself in this effort.


ccc-trail-fAdopt A Trail

Thanks to Club equipment and the this list of volunteers, we have been able to maintain the trails at Chickasaw Trace Mountain Bike Park:

  • Jeff Yeager
  • Duane Leach
  • Rick Harmon
  • Frank Chupka
  • Tim Yeager
  • Dick, Gale, Bill & Courtney Moore
  • Eric Schroeder
  • Richard Ferguson
  • Cody Goodman
  • Tim Hoeldtke
  • Evan Kelley
  • Trent Burns
  • Ricky Leaton
  • Kevin Kizer
  • Walt & Trey Best


We will donate $50 to your charity ride participation (must meet certain qualifications), see form. We’ll let you borrow our bike travel case and our B.O.B. Trailer.

Columbia Cycling Club jerseys must be purchased directly from company:  Contact Mt. Borah directly at  608-452-2138 or go to www.mtborah.com  and reference account: TN.MOORE

Email Duane at maurybike@gmail.com

Mailing address:  1116 W. 7th St., PMB 127, Columbia TN 38401