Current Ride Schedule


Saturday mornings:

A Group

(for the competitive riders) Road ride of 40-75 miles at an average speed of 17-20 mph.

• June-Aug 7:00a.m. Columbia Professional Center, 927 N. James Campbell Blvd., Columbia TN
[Currently, this group is not following this schedule.  It is often leaving at 6:00a.m. by word-of-mouth (text group)]

• Sept.-Nov. 8:00a.m. Columbia Professional Center, 927 N. James Campbell Blvd., Columbia TN
• Dec.-Feb. 9:00a.m. 117 McKinley Dr., Columbia TN
• March-May 8:00a.m. Columbia Professional Center, 927 N. James Campbell Blvd., Columbia TN

B Group

(for the non-competitive, beginners, and out-of-condition)

Road ride of 15-40 miles at easy pace. 8:00a.m. from Galaxy Bowling Lanes, 730 Mooresville Pk, Columbia

“No one left behind”

Saturday morning rides are not pre-set routes. We want to stick together or regroup before any turns. Routes are determined by a consensus at the start. Please do not let insecurities about your ability or condition stop you from joining these rides. Our Club’s purpose is to assist with bringing you along and we graciously and patiently try to do that.


6:00p.m. from Long John Silvers on the southwest side of Columbia. This is a 25-mile night ride with lights (no lights needed May 15-July 15). The emphasis is on the two big hills. This is for all level riders, but not necessarily for beginners. It is a moderate ride between hills and everyone regroups at the top of the hills or at turns. Some ride cyclocross bikes for this. This ride is currently very strongly attended.


No organized ride currently

No one was there!

The Saturday morning ‘A’ ride will be consistently populated, even throughout the winter. For all other rides it is best to obtain some phone numbers and emails of some of the usual riders to see if someone is coming.


For Saturday morning ‘A’ group, wet roads are okay and the ride is on unless it is raining at the start or the radars are showing 100% chance of approaching lengthy, heavy rain within the hour.

Who can ride?

Riders need to be members of the Columbia Cycling Club for waiver and insurance purposes. Become a Member. However, we are glad to take newcomers trying it out. You can sign up later.

All riders are expected to become members of the Columbia Cycling Club for liability and insurance purposes. Membership includes the signing of a waiver that releases the others from injury liability. Because of this, continued “freeloading” is not okay.

All riders must wear helmets on designated rides.